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Our Approach

At Abundance Realty & Staging Company, we care about what is important to you and we go the extra mile to make sure your experience is enjoyable. We hire agents that care about serving the client’s best interest, not their own ego. We treat every client like a person -- not a transaction, so you get the attention you deserve. We value you as a person, not just your business.

We're not the hero. You are.

Our Story

We literally have over 70 years of experience between us in the real estate industry. We love houses . . . and we love LOVE helping our clients buy and sell them. That's why we are still here, continuing our tradition of creating experiences and making every client and every transaction a win-win for everyone involved.

Meet the Team

Our team is comprised of specialists with many years of experience working in residential real estate, property investing, home staging and interior design, and helping buyers and sellers increase their net worth.  Our desire is to be trustworthy guides for our clients . . . for them to feel like they are always Number One.

Cathi Head

Cathi Hughes

Principal Broker & Professional Stager

Cathi cares deeply about creating remarkable experiences for our clients, so she tossed out the typical real estate model and changed our team from volume centered to a customer centered model.

Shane head

Shane Hughes

Associate Broker & Listing Specialist

Shane cares about what is most important to YOU and goes the extra mile to make sure your experience is fun and enjoyable.

His main objective is making sure you are getting what you want and your needs are met.

Donna head

Donna Wysinger

Real Estate Sales & Investment Specialist

Donna is a real estate investor herself and loves helping clients find, purchase, and improve properties - to hold or sell. She uses her background in interior design and architecture to determine the best way to increase a property's value.

Nancy Head

Nancy Martell

Real Estate Specialist for Buyers and Sellers

Nancy and her family have lived in Utah for over 35 years. She knows and loves this area well and uses her extensive knowledge and experience to find the best deals for buyers.  She also assists sellers in finding their target audience.

Sue head

Sue Carter

Real Estate Specialist for Buyers & Sellers

Sue is our newest team member AND she is new to the real estate profession -- but not to real estate . . . she has been assisting friends and family for years find exactly what they never even knew they needed and wanted!

Next Steps...

We are ready to show you a whole new experience.  Find out how we can help you move out, move up, or move on . . .